tko menu

Wednesday – Monday 5pm-9pm.

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The menu changes frequently, and not all menu items are always available.

-=We are happy to accommodate allergies, and dietary restrictions to the best of our ability (i.e. veganism, vegetarianism, celiac, etc.). Please let us know before you order.=-

-=SNACKS & VEG=-$$$$
vegetable egg rollv4
pineapple sweet & sour sauce
egg drop soup (shing lee style)gf7
chicken broth, egg ribbons, pepper
slice of watermelongf/v3
secret salt, house chili crisp
marinated cucumbersgf/v9
strange flavor (garlic, ginger, chile, scallions)
stir fried carrotsgf/v9
ginger vinaigrette, toasted sesame seeds
szechuan cold zoodlesgf/v9
scallions, celery, soy sesame dressing, chile peanut situation
volcano beefgf17
steak, pickles, cabbage, potatoes, volcano sauce
secret recipe fried chickengf16
fried half chicken, chile honey, snack rub, peach duck sauce
TKO chickengf15
crispy chicken thighs (nugget style), mala onions, kung pao, peanuts
pineapple sweet & sour chickengf15
crispy chicken thighs (nugget style), caramelized onions, scallions
crispy tofu & zucchinigf/v15
mala onions, scallions, ginger, soy chili honey
spicy pork noodles15
wide noodles, ground pork, volcano sauce, scallions
vegetable noodlesv14
wide noodles, veg from the farm, garlic & chiles
roasted garlic fried ricegf/v11
jim’s hot sauce, scallions, scrambled egg
secret fried ricegf15
has meat, get what you get, & don’t throw a fit
garlic chicken fried ricegf15
fermented black bean, english peas, lemon, scallions, scrambled egg
add garlic black bean chickengf4
add english peasgf4
add an extra scrambled egggf2
make it americangf1
steamed white ricegf/v2
gf-gluten free, v-vegetarian
kids chicken nuggetsgf8
ask for sauce
kids fried ricegf/v8
scrambled egg
kids noodlesv8
mr.aaron’s good noodles, butter sauce
-= SWEETS =-
cornmeal & buttermilk donutsgf7
chili honey
sweet tea skillet cakegf7
peach jam
spicy soygf/v
let downgf/v50¢
hot mustardgf/v
pineapple sweet & sourgf/v
gin, watermelon, lime, tonic
tequila, grapefruit, lime, topo chico, bitters
sazerac rye, peach, orgeat, lime, angostura, nutmeg
a shot & a coors
TIKI PUNCH (see board for daily selection)11
tecate mexican lager (12oz)4
icehouse ice lager (12oz)3
coors banquet (12oz)4
bearded iris pep talk lager (16oz)7
koji gold rice lager (16oz)6
bearded iris homestyle ipa (16oz)7
gypsy circus raindancer dry cider (16oz)gf5
TKO koozie2
feudo antico, terre di chieti pecorino, 2020, italy1040
sumarroca, cava brut nature gran reserva, 2018, catalonia1040
la patience, coteaux du pont du gard rosé, 2020, france1040
bodegas y viñedos fontana, mesta garnacha, 2019, spain1040
coca-cola, diet coke, dr. pepper, sprite, ski (355ml)2
topo chico (355ml)3
tonic (296ml)2