today’s menu

vegetable egg rollv5
polynesian sauce
twice cooked potatoesgf/v10
let down, scallions, house chili crisp
steamed mustard greensgf/v11
soft egg, scallions, house chili crisp
stir fried bok choygf/v11
scallions, garlic scape, soy chili sauce, toasted cashews
szechuan green beansgf/v11
dry fried, scallions, sesame, szechuan pepper
twice cooked pork bellygf15
mustard greens, pickled onions, szechuan pepper, tingly oil
stir fried chicken & chinese greensgf17
scallions, celery, sesame sauce
TKO chicken (or sub crispy soy “chicken”)gf15
crispy chicken thighs, mala onions, kung pao, peanuts
sesame chicken (or sub crispy soy “chicken”)gf15
crispy chicken thighs, caramelized onions, scallions, toasted sesame
crispy tofugf/v15
chinese greens, scallions, green garlic
stir fried beef & chinese broccoligf19
stir fried steak, gai lan, onions, oyster sauce
classic lo mein (spring style)v17
mr. aaron’s noodles, garlic sauce, chinese greens, scallions
roasted garlic fried ricegf/v12
jim’s hot sauce, scallions, scrambled egg
bourbon chicken fried ricegf15
bourbon chicken #2, scallions, scrambled egg, crispy onions
secret fried ricegf15
get what you get and don’t throw a fit. has meat, & is spicy
egg fried ricegf/v10
scrambled egg, scallions
steamed white ricegf/v3
**add dry fried broccoli to any rice dish or plate**gf/v4
kids chicken nuggetsgf9
kids fried ricegf/v8
kids noodlesv8
mr.aaron’s good noodles, butter sauce
-= SWEETS =-
cornmeal & buttermilk donutsgf7
chili honey
frooty pebbles skillet cakegf7
strawberry sauce
gf-gluten free, v-vegetarian